Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Obnoxious Red Sox Fan

My two sons are in Denver and managed to get tickets to game 4 of the world seried. #1 son Keith called me yesterday and asked me if I was familiar with chanell 10 because they had just interviewed both of them outside of the stadium in Denver. They were on their way to a Halloween party and Keith was made up as "The Obnoxious Red Sox Fan", which he is by the way.

Keith has been in Colorado for around ten years and before that was in upstate New York for eight. His Massachusetts accent is long gone. Todd has moved around the country and now lives and works in Atlanta, but developed a neutral accent during his years as a salesman covering midwest and southern states. During the interview, they both "turned on" thier Massachusetts accents and also made sure to include the South Coast dialect.

To get a copy of the footage the TV station requires a payment of $30, which is not a big deal for something that is so special in our family circle. The problem is the four to six week delivery time. That not only will be old news to share with friends, but in that time frame, it will be meaningless.

Hopefully something can be worked out to get to share the footage soon. Possibly a personal visit to the studio. We'll see.


  1. Nothing more obnoxious than a rabid Red Sox fan. He looks great BTW.

    I would say hard core Yankee fans can be obnoxious, but I have found them to just be mean for the most part.

    Hopefully it will be a sweep. It would most likely save Boston some mob madness.

  2. I love the picture!

    I think if you have to wait 6 weeks for the delivery it's still worth it and family and friends are always excited about things like this!