Saturday, October 27, 2007

Transiton Time

I am one of those fortunate people who have more time than things to do. Biking is a major activity in the warmer weather, but late fall, early winter is transition time to racquetball.

One of my racquetball friends recently began taking the kickboxing class at the Y. People I asked said it wasn't that tough, but if I found it so, just stop and take a break. Simple enough for sure and that's exactly what happened on Tuesday. The biggest problem was coordination. I had to start slowly, paying close attention to the footwork of the experienced people in the class. I got the rhythm soon enough, except when I looked at Mark, my racquetball partner. It was like trying to sing a duet with a tone deaf partner. He was so out of step that he looked like he had cerebral palsy.

Realizing that some of the muscles being used had not been challenged like this in years, there was going to be a heavy price to pay the next day. Wednesday saw not much in the way of soreness but a nasty cold was developing. Thursday was a full fledged cold and a body wracked with lactic acid.

Things are slowly returning to normal and a weekend of working a cushy desk job should complete the recovery in time for kickboxing 2 on Tuesday.

One of the attractions of kickboxing is the fun. But there are other reasons.

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  1. LOL....I'd love kick boxing if it weren't for my lack of coordination. Also the reason I can't seem to follow 2 of the 3 "THE FIRM" workouts. Too Clumsy...I trip myself, fall on my face, end up with a bloody nose...very embarrassing in front of a group of people at the 'Y'.

    Good luck with the class...from the looks of the pic, hopefully you won't get a stiff neck :)