Saturday, October 25, 2008

Indigo Bunting and Liz's Treasure

Clue...find the rope hanging from a tree. (check)

The Kid and I went an a letterbox hunt late last night. This was after dinner with our couch surfing friends Josh and Britta. They were too tired to join us unfortunately, because of the conference hours and demands.

This one was really a great fun hunt. The box was place deep into the woods, and at 10:30PM, the hunt got quite haunting. The noises from the animals both big and small made for an interesting hike in the darkness. Soon enough we found Liz's Treasure

The kid finding Liz's treasure

Signing Liz's Treasure

We checked out all the "stuffing" of the letterbox, signed in and moved on to the next item. Finding Indigo Bunting

Originally we took a wrong path and spent a bit of time hunting for the Holly tree that was mentioned. In the dark, the only way to make out a tree was to walk up to it. Made things tough.
Searching for Indigo

Found it

Signing Indigo

Indigo Scroll

Letterboxing is a hoot. Letterboxing at night is fantastic. Spooky, but fantastic.


  1. This absolutely sounds like a blast. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Looks like fun! We've done some geocaching, and enjoyed it, but not recently. Letterboxing looks similar, only without the GPS. Maybe that's even better, especially since our GPS died. Whoops!

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