Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Post

The gym kept me off the bike today. I am working again tomorrow, and also have a ticket to the Revs game after work. Playoff are looming and the boys are erratic. Maybe my encouragement will get them on the right track vs a weaker Chivas squad. I'll have plenty of time to ride the 10 miles to the car, then drive back to the office for a shower and paint my face and chest. I'm the letter "V" this week, and will be in a behive of Midnight Riders. 8>)

I have the winter commuter (Marin Belvedere) as the main bike from here on. Tonight I am going to take off the bar extensions that I never warmed up to. They also make it very difficult to get the bike into the back of the Vibe.

OK. that's the real reason. I don't mind the extensions, but don't use them much either. Off they come, tonight. Or tomorrow, because we are going out to dinner tonight and I may get a littel cross eyed. Ya never know


  1. Do you get the Fox Soccer channel?
    I'm thinking about, but I'd have to up my already high contribution to the cable provider.

  2. Did you see the 6-1 aping Barca gave to Atleti? don't know if you follow La Liga, but damn. As for the Revs, it seems like one of the most efficient franchises in the MLS pantheon. I'm still waiting for St. Louis to pick up an expansion club; I'd follow that in a heartbeat.