Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So Quiet Around Here

Those are the Van Morisson lyrics I had bouncing around my brain this morning.

The winter gear is gradually being removed from their off season homes. Today was a day for a midweight jacket, light gloves and the stocking cap. Rear blinkies are necessary now that sunrise is more than halfway through the 50 minute commute.

This day, no vehicles passed for the first 4 miles. I had the dimly lit suburban streets to myself. Once on Rt. 140, the story was different. Cars and pickups passed in bunches like a line of trains. It's the harried driver that gives me some concern. The one that is behing the pickup who moves left to go by the bicyclist. He is the one that inevitably moves to the right to see what the other guy is moving left to avoid.

This is day two of my annual post summer/pre holiday fitness regiment. I use the Body for Life system which works very nicely and it's pretty easy to keep doing. Especially if, like me, you like to cook. With all that, part of the Tuesday and Thursday commutes are used for fitness hammer rides. Around 20 minutes. Not that bad at all. It also means that commuting is limited to two days a week. The gym and weight training take over M-W-F mornings.


  1. Van is playing out here at the Hollywood Bowl next month - hoping to catch the show! Last night was Neil Diamond – he did alright…

  2. Van is so cool, I used to listen to his music a lot in my teenage days.