Monday, September 15, 2008

Morning Full Moon

The drive to the park and ride followed a magnificent full morning moon. During the 30 minute drive part of the commute, I got to know a few of the regulars on the highway. The kid on the motorcycle being the most obvious. He passes me right around the same area every day. Hunched over, his chin almost touching the handlebars, backpack filled to near capacity. Today I wondered how much longer he will be on his bike. The cool weather and 70MPH wind chill on the bike will soon make that kind of commute very cold.

I arrived at the lot aroud ten minutes before 6AM. The first commuter bus of the day made good time I noticed, as it came up the off ramp to the mall. It's usually there a few minutes after 6. Daybreak had not yet happened and that allowed for a very leisurely preparation for the bike part of the commute. Unpacking the bike, checking tires, loading up the trunk bag and backpack. Today was the first time the back blinkie had to be used. That will be a regular as we gradually loose morning daylight.

The planned hike of the Blue Hills near Boston was replaced by a two hour dog walk in the rain on Saturday. An unbrella kept me pretty dry, but the pups, Lucy and Polly got soaked, and loved it so much that we did it again on Sunday. Twice.

Tonight the moon will be full, so there is a bike ride. Meet at Pub99 in Fairhaven at 8PM. Bring watever you need to have a fun bike ride.

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  1. I'm not very pleased about the dark commutes, but I have no choice.