Thursday, July 16, 2009

Final Preparation

This past week offered some really good riding weather. Unfortunately, this rider came down with a nasty cold that kept me off the bike for a week. I never felt that bad but the illness took away all my energy. It was a chore to walk a mile never mind riding.

I finally got back on the bike today and have two pair of shoes in the car. Naturally when I got ready I put on one of each. One black leather and the other a brown sneaker type.

I was running late and pushed to make up the time. Wouldn't you know I got held up by a freight train. That put me back on the original ten minute behind schedule. There was still enough time to clean up, don my work clothes and be on time for the change of shift hand off.

After work I did take a detour through the old Paul Dever school. A few new photos was the result.

Number three son is still up in the air about joining me on the tour next week. He got some cortisone injections for his bad shoulder which provided a good dose of pain relief and allowed a huge gain in mobility.

Healthy Day

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  1. You'll have a great time on your tour! Looking forward to reading about it, and I'm curious how your experience there will compare with mine.