Friday, October 16, 2009

Washington DC. US/Costa Rica WCQ

The two goal lead was here a minute ago. I don't know where it went.

We had a great time in Washington, topped off with a really fantastic match. The us came from two down to tie Costa Rica in extra time and win the group outright edging rival Mexico 20-19 on points.

While doing the sightseeing thing during the day we were studying a map to try and find Pennsylvania Avenue because we wanted to see the White House. Personally, I wanted to see what kind of protests were going on, because those can get interesting. We got frustrated looking at the map which was in a bus stop kiosk and were about to say screw it. That's when I looked up at the street sign. Yup. We were standing on the corner or Pennsylvania Ave. at the 800 block.

We walked to 1600 and just as we got there the Capital Police began shooing people away from the White House viewing spots. We never did find out why and none of us gave it a second thought.

We walked so much trying to decide what to do that we didn't really do much besides walk around. We did get to spend 30 minutes in the Space museum before it was time to go back to the motel and change for dinner and the match.

Our hotel was very European, the price was right, it had very few amenities but it was clean and more than good enough for a place to sleep. It had a couple of nice touches, like the bathroom window that opened to the hallway. The Americana Motel has remained a family place, refusing to sell out to the big corporate giants. If you go to DC, this is a decent place to stay. None of the fluff you get with the big guys, keeps the price low.

Keeping in with our Washington tradition, we had duck at our favorite place in Crystal City. You need to like spicy to enjoy this duck specialty. I had to stop eating for a few minutes to hyperventilate and wipe the tears from my eyes. Then it was extra white rice to put out the fire on my tongue. That soon passed and we adjusted to the heat. YUM.

Looking into the bathroom from the hall.

Americana Motel, dwarfed by the Marriott Hotel. Our room overlooked the highway

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