Friday, March 18, 2011

Full Moon Ride

Click any photo for big.  Click again for bigger.

Well, 99% full.  It was too nice an evening not to ride.  The afternoon gave us winds close to 40MPH and it was a good time to catch the first showing of Lincoln Lawyer.   Two thumbs up from me. 
Back to the full moon.  Tomorrow will show us a Super Moon as some put it.  It's the closest to Earth in 20 years. This evenings temperature hovered around 60F for most of the ride and the sky was clear as can be. Perfect.   Some of the high school players I coach had an indoor match which I stopped by and watched for a bit.  It was a Portuguese team vs the American from Fairhaven.   Naturally the yanks won handily 11-8. 

Indoor Soccer.

Outdoor hoops

I head the bus approaching and from experience know that bus drivers here are dickheads.
The proof is in the photo. He didn't give and inch when he passed.

It began to get dark after leaving the arena and the moon gave a great show.


  1. I’ve been enjoying watching the moon wax this past fortnight – it’s been in a perfect position overhead to check each night. Last night was big and bright. Looking forward to tonight’s Super Moon, although it’s pretty cloudy and might rain a little. Again, thanks for the moon phase gadget.

    Buses are challenging here, too. Although, I do feel like they’ve gotten a little better in the last year or so – I think they’re getting some education here about bikes. Often times they’ll change lanes completely, if they can, to pass me. I think the key is mutual respect. When I hear them coming I try to coast a little and “be mellow.” Sometimes they pass a little close but if you’re ready for it it’s usually okay. Once they’ve passed me I do my best to let them stay ahead of me - I imagine it’s got to be a big pain for them to yo-yo with bikes – even if that means stopping behind them while they pick up passengers – I’m not in rush. Some of them, though, still don’t get it – but, then, neither to many car drivers.

  2. Hablando de futbol, you going to NJ for the US/Arg match? Seems like something you would conjure up. The Paraguay match is close in Nashville, but I've got tennis commitments on the 29th, so no travel for us. Looks like you're taking life at the appropriate pace. Good, very good.