Saturday, July 16, 2011

Onset Beach and the Cape Cod Canal

 Fast moving change of tide through the canal
Distance     49.3
max speed 31.7 mph
ave speed  12.4 mph
time             3:36

As always.  Click any photo for big.  Click again for bigger. 

I was talked into participating in a tennis tournament today and grudgingly accepted without knowing the competition.  Two things came together to get me to take a bike ride.  The competition was way over my level and there was an odd man out situation.  I jumped at withdrawing, called Dave and we did a 50 mile bike to the Cape Cod Canal.

Since this has been a regular route of mine for three years, I got a chance to show Dave, a first year roadie some of the out of the way places that one doesn't see from the expressway. 

Onset Beach in MA.

Salt Water Taffee

Riding along beach road

Main St.

From Onset we had to ride on busy US Rt. 6 for about a quarter mile to get to the entrance of the canal bike path. The path was busy but we only road a half mile before exiting back on the main road.  Once there I showed Dave the hidden access road that led to the bike, pedestrian walkway over the Bourne Bride..  The traffic was backed up on RT25 as far as the eye could see with vacationers making their way to "The Cape". 

Traffic backed up getting onto the Bourne Bridge crossing the Cape Cod Canal

Pleasure boats riding with the current in the Canal

The ride to Wareham and the Canal never gets dull.  Every time I ride it I see something different, explore side roads and paths and strike up conversations searching for out of the way nuggets that the locals sometimes share.


  1. Lovely pictures, you are lucky that you get to ride next to the beach! We have been having excellent weather here in MA. Also, 50 miles is a lot! I have never done that much.

  2. Nice that you were able to get out of something (tennis) that didn't suit you and got on the saddle instead...

  3. Oh my god, that canal looks like my mind's best version of a childhood Huck Finn fantasy!

  4. I hunt for blogs like yours all day--Would you mind if I featured your bike blog on my travel site? Email me if you're interested and I'll tell you more:
    jane (at) dwellable (dot) com

    I hope to hear from you!