Monday, July 11, 2011

Car Wash

 Last time here boyfriend threw the bucket of soapy water on her.  He wasn't around today. Dam.

 All the riding has been short trips around town.  The coffee shop, the market and daily rides to the beach.  Ah the life of a retiree.  One of the stops is to get fresh eggs.  There is a house behind a large property filled with abandoned greenhouses.   The place suffered it's demise by KMart, Sears and supermarkets selling gardening supplies.  The house has a small pen with goats, and chickens.   Emily's eggs are a self service place and they sell for $2 a dozen.  A really good deal for fresh eggs daily.


  1. She can wash my under carriage anytime

    Still doing the morning breakfast in NB?

  2. Do you ever ride down to west island for there breakfast