Saturday, October 5, 2013

NYC and Red Bull v Revolution Match

A great NYC weekend.  Friday night we spend way too much time and got too friendly with the owner of O'Donnells Pub in Harrison NJ.  After trying a couple of pints I mentioned that I was really not a beer guy and preferred bourbon.  He gave the two of us a pop of his favorite and now my bourbon of choice, Basil Hayden. It's smooooooth and beats the shit out of Jim Beam Black.

amidnightrider in Harrison NJ

We took the train to Manhattan on Saturday morning and decide to walk around Greenwich Village.  We stopped at a small park for coffee and people watching.  I spotted a sign that said we were in the meat packing district of New York which explained a lot about the area.

 Millennium Tower reaches into the clouds.

Handball in Greenwich Village

Citi Bike is everywhere and very popular

Pregame at O'Donnells in Harrison NJ

Bike parking at Red Bull Stadium in Harrison NJ.

In the evening we rode our bikes from the hotel to the stadium which at the end of the match, worked out for us in spades.  We got away from the stadium lickity split and made record time back to the hotel because we were on bikes and were the fasted mode of transportation in the area. But alas, it seems that I wasted my money on the new helmet. The bike lights were an attention getter from both the pedestrians but most importantly, the cagers.

Five Points area of Lower Manhattan

Till next time.

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  1. Great idea to ride to the match!

    There are a ton of bike racks here at the Rose Bowl but no one ever uses them. They prefer to sit in traffic I guess...