Friday, October 4, 2013

You Need and Salsa?

We are leaving for NYC soon on a dual trip.   The main reason is the Red Bull/ Revolution match on Saturday night at sold out Red Bull Arena in Harrison, NJ.   The second is to ride our single speeds in New York City.   The festivities begin tonight in Brooklyn for the Rock The Pulaski Concert.

Because we are riding in the city and some of the boroughs I did something way out of character.  Yep,  I bought a helmet. I did this because we will be riding in unfamiliar territory and much of it will be at night.   I'm going to bring it, but wearing it is not yet a done deal.

 Even my dog will not look at it.

The green lights on the frame light up a bright neon that I can set to always on, slow blink or fast blink.  The bike on the front wheel is the monkey light 232.  I also have a good handle bar light and a red strobe that attaches to my seat bag.  Everyone will be able to see me but lets just hope they are look where they are driving.

Oh and by the way.  New York makes the best Salsa.

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