Saturday, December 2, 2006

Biking on a Cool December Day

It's been a while since we had some cool weather. Today was sunny and in the low 40's. Still good for riding if your dressed. I found a new spot to capture the most photographed building in town. The first view is from a block away and the second is a closer view and another section of the building.
Across the street I noticed this grand old home with the widows walk. It's a telltale sign that it was originally owned by a whaling family. I was looking for some interesting photos in town (Fairhaven), and found this church being repaired. Many have been sold and are being converted for other purposes. I don't know if this will remain a worship place or not.
There was a craft festival in the National Historic Whaling Park where I was to meet wifey and her friend Donna. A cell call led me to the far south end of the city (where we grew up) and more crafts located in the old Berkshire Hathaway complex of Warren Buffet fame. On the way I detoured to ride around the waterfront. Here are a few of the sights.

An eclectic mix of people were browsing the shops, and there were lots of very expensive cars in the unkempt lot of the near derelict buildings. One old car got my attention with it's bumper sticker. (They are not all political)
I managed to get a candid shot of the girls leaving the shops. To return the favor, wifey had me pose for a candid one.While in my old "stomping grounds" I saw that there were a few things just as I remember them from many many years ago. Victory Park winter skating area for instance. When the ice was solid enough to safely skate, the park department would open the warming house, get a roaring fire going and people would come from all over the city to skate there. It was very much like a circus coming to town.
I also saw the the trees have survived. Many around the area succumbed to disease and the city forestry division does all it can to save these popular trees. They are nice....

Years ago when the textile industry ruled the city, hurricanes caused lots of damage to the factory complexes. They were all build on the river to allow them to dump waste. It's ironic that the river, whenever it had the chance, returned the destructive favor. However to protect the factories, the city, state and federal government paid to construct the hurricane barrier in the 1960's. The link shows some good photos also.

It was getting on towards late afternoon, the temperature was dropping as the wind gusts were exceeding 25 knots, sustained. (Waterfront jargon). It was time to begin the 6 mile ride home. I did get a different angle of a home in the center of Fairhaven that activated the "this would make a good picture" sentiment.

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  1. It's just so gorgeous around there! I love it all. I like the new look of the blog too!