Saturday, December 9, 2006

Walking the Dogs

Saturday was walk the dogs and work in the yard day. The puppies and I went off the beaten track and took a side path to the Nemasket Cemetery. In the old days, when I was a burial believer it's where I wanted to be. Wondering? My cadaver is going to science, with no conditions.
A little way into the woods we came across a nice little stream.

The Nemasket Cemetery was established in the mid 1800's as a burial area for the residents of East Fairhaven. It was cheaper than the main cemetery and was non-denominal.

We also visited the once very popular G Bourne Knowles garden and landscape property. They were "the" place to go for any landscape needs. Unfortunately, people would only go to them for advice, then go to the discount places like KMart to buy their plants, stonework, tools and stuff like that. The once teaming with life greenhouses now sit derelict and abandoned.

As a joke the workers installed this very high basketball net on the light post.

Back on the bike path we spoted ma and I lost all control over the dogs. Ma means cheese. Off they go.

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