Saturday, November 24, 2007

Full Moon

You riding tonight? The moon is full, the weather is crisp. Perfect.


  1. Not riding tonite, but am planning a hell of a long ass ride tomorrow.

    There is a bike trail, in 2 sections, that runs from the coast in Huntington Beach, Ca., east to the base of the mountains west of Redlands.

    Close to 70 miles.

    I start at 630am.

    If I survive, I'll have River 2 of of my River Series to write up. ;-D

  2. Hell yes -- in fact, I was riding with Dan on Bike that night, although the moon was more helpful the night before.

    By your post I assume you were riding?

  3. Thank you so much for the link, MidnightRider. Even though I come from the non-biker set, I enjoy your Bonnie Raitt songs and your beautiful photos. :) I shall reciprocate shortly.

  4. Love the picture. Rode earlier tonight. On the commute home gorgeous night even if it was one of the coldest evenings I've ever been on a bike! :)