Thursday, November 15, 2007

On the Road Again

A few friends and I are off to DC tomorrow for the MLS Cup weekend. The game is a rematch of last years cup vs Houston Dynamo. Another month, another championship for New England I hope.

The Kraft family, who own the Revolution, are supplying four busses at no cost for the traveling fans. I am using frequent flyer miles because the 10 hour bus trip would drive me nuts. I'll be flying with a friend into BWI (Baltimore) and traveling to Crystal City in DC by bus and underground. Saturday a few of us will be tourist, but at night, when the moon makes is entrance, we will transform into footie fans. After nourishment of wine and tapas of course.

We'll be in fine form, singing, drumming and dancing the samba. Party begins at 0730AM Sunday in Lot 3 of RFK, and ends............


  1. I know what you mean about buses and driving you nuts. My one experience of taking a Grey Hound from Dallas to Baltimore back in the 70s insured that it would be my one and only bus trip of any distance ever. I vowed I'd hitch hike first before I would do it again.

  2. The title here is misleading. I was hoping for a ride recap!