Friday, August 8, 2008

Classic Cars

After fitness class at the "Y" I noticed the crowds and music up the street. Some kind of festival no doubt. I am a big fan of the different events and festivals in New Bedford. This was "classic car" night.

The first thing I though was Havana. I think I'm in Havana. Lots of 50's Chevys and Fords, a single 1920's vintage car and even a "Pacer". Oh for a camera.

The second was the "abundances and lack of's" An over abundance of bellies and a sever shortage of teeth. These things sure do draw a different crowd. The more I walked around, the more I pined for my camera. For instance, I saw a couple and guessed they were late 50ish. Both in dungaree pants and shirts. The man was short, fluffy and sported a jet black Mohawk. As I passed them I noticed that the man was actually a woman. I can't help but wonder what the heck she was thinking with her style. Did she see it on a teenager who wore the look well and though she coule pull it off? Did she lose a bet? Does she have a mirror?

While munching on a stuffed quohaug I heard "hey coach". John, who I coached in high school around 1980 was there with his posse. (his kids).

"You here for the car show"

"No, I just finished kick boxing class and took a walk up here".

"Mary Beths class right?" I gave that knowing smile and nodded in the affirmative.

He asked if I was there for kick boxing or because Mary Beth is the instructor?

"Kick boxing of course"

He then asked "If she was teaching a different course, which one would I attend."

The answer is obvious to even the most casual observer who has seen her in "uniform".

Of course the goddess Gina, being in the class also adds a bit of motivation.


  1. It's a photo off the web. I can't get one in my class.

    They would thing I was some kind of nut or something if I tried to take one.

  2. Just reading Day 1 on the tour and it's priceless. What father/son bonding!