Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hike the Blue Hills of Boston

Wifey is away in Utah and Nevada doing lots of hiking. They had to cancel the Grand Canyon Hike because of the flooding. All the talk about that put a bug into my head and being on vacation at home seemed like a good time to do one myself.

When we arrived at the Blue Hills Reservation the first noticeable thing was that Logan Airport was bringing in the planes right over the hills for final approach. As we climbed we got closer and closer to the aircraft and were sure the pilots and any passengers looking our way could see us waiving our arms in greeting.

Plane on final approach to Boston

Boston Skyline from Buck Hill

The hike can get difficult at times but the views of Boston and the surrounding area is well worth the work.
Town of Canton Ma.

Mild terrain

Candid Shot

Easy walking

Our final goal Chickatawbut Hill

Very Steep Downhill

We estimated that we did around 8 miles and hiked for 5 hours. We both felt pretty good till the last forty minutes. We had used up all of our water and still had forty minutes of moderate hiking to do. Not a big deal but the water that was stored in the car sure hit the spot when we finally got to it.
Going up


Looks familiar


Awww, you leaving?

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  1. Looks like a great hike. With those views, all that work sure did pay off.