Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Never Ending Rain

We got caught in the rain a lot during our Erie Canal tour. Monday on the ride home from work the sky got noticeably dark and the sprinkles began while I was riding through the abandoned State School Property. I though about going into one of the buildings to see what would happen with the obviously approaching storm.

As I got into the main road the wind began whipping. "Not good, this is definitly not good", was my immediate thought. Then I began to watch the sheet of rain approach from my right. I had to take shelter in a cluster of trees. Naturally I got wet, but I was not really taking cover from the storm but from the traffic, who would have a difficult time noticing me on the road.

As I was hunkered, two kids on their dirt bikes passed by, soaked to the bone and screaming in delight. "Yeeeeehaaa". They were giddy with distress.

I resumed the commute when the rain lightened up and was pretty uncomfortable. But the storm also made me think of the times we got caught during our adventure, and it brought on a smile.

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  1. There are often memories wrapped around the rainy rides. Your post reminds me of a homeward commute last summer when I needed to get home so I didn't have the luxury of waiting. Bike parking was in the underground parking garage and when the doors opened, the rain was so thick I couldn't see the building across the street. Three pedal strokes and I was soaked to the skin and with water over the curbs, the downtown traffic was nearly stopped. I encountered several other cyclists some laughing at the spectacle of riding through such a downpour.

    Hot day, warm rain, fun ride; thanks for the memory!