Monday, August 31, 2009

Short Cuts

The commute has a couple of variation. One is to cut through the abandon Paul Dever State School. Last year, there was a movie shoot starring Bruce Willis. One Monday morning the place had changed noticebly. There were traffic signals, a market, a stage, gravesite and all the roads were cleaned up. I stopped my bike, looked around and could distinctly hear the Twilight Zone song off in the distance. I had to change my route through the school, but in general we all stayed out of each others space and got along fine.

The school now abutts an industral trucking area. Lots of huge warehouses and cold storage buildings. Hundreds of 18 wheelers travers the main roads and all the trucks from the quary must use the industrial park to avoid the residential areas.

The roads are quiet in the late afternoon.

Riding behind the warehouses is a good alternative.

There is talk about tearing down all the old building and converting the site into a bio engineering industrial area. There are lots of feral cats, deer, skunk, rabbit and a host of other small animals that call this place home. Progress is coming and they will have to fine a new home and it will also mean the end of some really nice commuting.

He is where the commuter returns to the somewhat busy roads of the city.

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  1. I love seeing your pictures because your commute is so radically different from mine! I wonder what it would be like to ride through there on my way to work.