Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Commuting Again

Finally got back into commuting to work. Actually I had planned to be retired by now but things are moving slowly with the company.  I'm waiting for an enhancement that until this quarter, has been offered every quarter for the past three years.   We have 24 surplus people, but also have a no layoff clause in our contract. 

The morning commutes are chilly but really not that bad.  It's in the mid 30's and I have the gear to handle that.  In the evenings I get to ride in 50+ temps.

The "Five Boroughs" ride is quickly approaching but the plans for the summer tour are on hold because of the retirement thing.  We have a couple of vacations booked and I need to hold on to my vacation time just in case the retirement falls through for the year.   I really would like to go as soon as possible but staying a few months more is no big deal either.  As long as we have our bikes right?


  1. Hope you get to retire soon so you can ride whenever you want.

  2. I'll keep my fingers crossed on the retirement. In the meantime, I'll see you in New York.