Saturday, March 27, 2010

Another Change in Touring Plans

Originally I was going to do the Erie Canal west to east, then a week of some other riding in upstate NY or Canada.  The new plan has the Erie Canal off the radar.

I have a two week tour that begins with a drive to Albany NY.   My bike and I will travel Amtrak to Buffalo and after spending the night I will ride solo to Toronto. I'm thinking a day and a half will get me there.    I have a couple of people to meet in Buffalo.  One may put me up, but I'm really thinking I'll grab a hotel and maybe go out to dinner with him.  The other has also offered a place to stay but more importantly a route to Toronto that he claims is much better than the suggested marked bike routes.   I'll definitely give it a look.

In Toronto, I will meet up with a friend and we will ride together to Montreal. I will end the tour by traversing Bike Rt. 9 in upstate NY back to Albany, before the 5 1/2 drive home to Cape Cod.

Like most of my annual tours the route changes often, but this year at least I am staying in the same general area of Lake Ontario. I'm really giving Bike Rt. 9 a good going over on maps and journals.  There are some difficult climbs but if I remember correctly, there is a way around them.  If there is I'll find it.


  1. My old stompin' grounds. I grew up in Buffalo, went to school near Albany (and married one of the locals). Route 9 promises to be stunningly, incredibly beautiful with vistas of Lakes Champlain and George.