Friday, November 19, 2010

Old Work Commute

 Downtown Taunton, MA.

It's been six months since retirement and the daily car/bike commute in Taunton, MA.  I got a call that the cook was leaving for a new position today.  That was as good as any excuse to get on the bike.  Just like the old days, I parked at the police station and rode the six miles to the office.

Temperatures in the low 40's with a pretty good headwind brought the bike commute memories back.  Biking always made it easier to go to work and I think it had some chemical reaction to exercise that did that.  Whatever it was, it came back during today's ride.  It's the last one for a while because I will be flying to Panama tomorrow for #1 son's 40th birthday party.

Forty of us will be celebrating with Keith in the evenings, but we will all be doing different stuff during the day.  Snorkeling, hiking, riding, sight seeing, surfing or just hanging out.  It promises to be quite and event, with different themes every night.  It will culminate 10 days from now with a formal Roasting of the guest of honor.  Ironically the roast is scheduled for the last night to eliminate any animosity that may happen, from carrying over into the week long party.  Those who may be offended can stew on the flight home.

 Abandoned State School in Taunton, MA.  The off road part of the commute.

State School

Meanwhile back in New Bedford.  The crew of this freighter reported two stowaways who crossed the Atlantic undetected.  Reportedly they were trying to make their way to Canada.  They were two young men from Pakistan trying to join their families.  They did not have the money to get to Canada legally so they took a chance.  Now they are in federal prison awaiting their destiny.

The stowaways were oh so close. 
Early morning at the marina.  No boats till spring.

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