Monday, November 8, 2010

Rain and Sleet

The 5AM alarm sounded and I could hear the sleet hitting the outside window sills.  It was an easy decision to drive to the shelter.

Not long after leaving the recycle center which was a muddy mess, with my raked up leaves, most of the lights on my dash lit up.  ABS warning, check engine, and a couple of others.  I disconnected the battery, everything reset and they all came back on.  My guess is a mucked up sensor on the undercarriage.  After driving to the shelter again tomorrow, I'll drop the Vibe at the dealer and suffer the consequences.

I did pass up on a ride Sunday. It was an awareness ride for bike paths.  It was also very cold and very windy.

  The kicker was a high school state tournament soccer match.  Naturally, I chose the match but left before halftime.  It was two very helter skelter teams who played lots of kick and run.  Coaching and officiating has really declined around here the last few years and they have taken the quality of the game down with them.  None attend any clinics or learning seminars and it shows, glaringly.

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