Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Just Like a Commute

A seven mile ride to the local hospital to have some testing done seemed like commuting again.  It was also the first sunny morning in over 20 days.  Every other has seen rain in one form or another. 

Whenever I go into the city now days, a detour is in order.  It seems that a couple of states refused stimulus funds from the federal government.  Massachusetts applied for a share of these and got a really big chunk.  Lot of construction going on fixing roads, bridges and building the commuter rail to Boston.  

While cooling off outside the hospital entrance, I struck up a conversation with the security guard who is also a bike rider.  Two and a half hours later he was still on duty and told of some guy inspecting my bike.  He doesn't know if the guy was a fellow rider or if he was casing the bike.  The guards presents no doubt kept my bike safe if in fact the other guy was a dirt bag.  It could have been innocent also, but either way, the bike was in good hands. 

The camera is usually in the bike bag because we never know what we'll see. 

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  1. What did you think of the CLASS final? As long ad Xavi, Iniesta and Leo are prowling the middle that team has the upper hand. Are you tired of tiki-taka as some of the EPL fandom are getting to be? Hala Madrid!