Friday, January 6, 2012

The Weather is Cooperating Nicely

The weather is unusually mild making going for a bike ride the natural thing to do.   I stay pretty close to home because it does change quickly in these coastal communities.   I decided to top of the tires before heading out and broke the valve on the rear tube.  Changing it was quick and painless in the garage. On the road things never come together that smoothly.

It's very quiet on the roads in the middle of the day.  Everyone is at work or school and us retirees have free reign.  The weekend looks like it will offer two good riding days.   It would be nice to get a couple of hundred miles before leaving for Kansas City on Thursday.  

Rochester Saw Mill

Vaughn Hill Road.  Rochester MA. 

This used to be a business that moved houses.

Quonset Hut home 

18th century cemetary

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