Saturday, July 7, 2012

Little Compton R.I.

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Distance 21 Miles
Max Speed 32 MPH
Ave Speed 12.6 MPH
Pedal Time 1:38

Only two of us today. There is lots going on in town for the Bicentennial celebrations.  We decided to head over to Rhode Island for a short ride in Little Compton.    We visited a exclusive private area that wifey said not to sneak into.  We did, but on the way out we used the security gate.  The guard wished us a nice ride and said "see you in a while".    We road to another area but were stopped by the security guard on the road. He asked us for the code word.   We tried  "see you later" as we road off.

There was a family fun day at the Little Compton Historical Society where I bought a beer.
"How much", I asked
"Make a donation was the response fromt he nice woman at the table.
I did

We took a detour into the Commons area of the village and saw some very old gravestones at the cemetery. On woman died in 1717 CE and was the first white woman born in New England.  (The other white people came on a boat).

There were lots of "Old Money" areas.  You may know it as New England Yankee.   Really nice homes on or near the Sakonnet River.

On the ride back Brandon kicked into high gear.  I was close enough to catch his draft.  I noticed him look under us armpit for my front wheel a couple of times. He shifted into a higher gear and he began to pull away,  I kicked it up a notch and reestablished the draft.  He was pushing hard taking all the resistance while I was working a lot less which made it easy to stay on his back wheel.   He finally ran out of steam and we both settled down for the last couple of miles back to the car.   Don't ya just love a little competition now and then.

Five days till our tour of the Erie Canal in Upstate NY and we are ready to roll.

Cows cooling off on this very humid Saturday

Summer homes at Sakonnet Point

We got into this exclusive beach by riding across the property of an Inn. On the way out the security guard wished us a good ride.   Click the photo for big and check out the homes in the background.  That's where the other security guard would not let us in even with the special code phrase of "see you later". 

The two of us with the sun in the background.  
 One of us

Early 18th century one room school house.

The kids used sand for ink. 

Gotta go.   Gotta go. 

Click any of the following three photos to read the inscriptions.  All are dated in the 1700's. 

Family Plot including three small children. 

 He forgot where the car was so he had to wait for me. 

The name says it all. 

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  1. It is a beautiful area. Good luck on you're tour next week.