Wednesday, July 4, 2012

It's Not The Heat....

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Distance 24 miles
Max speed 35 MPH
Ave Speed 11.2 MPH
Pedal time. 2:20

The noon time weather report said the storm had diminished and the day would turn out beautiful.  That it did, after a while.  We drove to Somerset, Ma and while unloading the bikes I commented about the heat.  Brandon guessed 85 while my guess was 89.   The temperature was 72 but the humidity was high.   We packed plenty of water, stopped three times at convenience stores for cold drinks and with that it became a nice Wednesday afternoon ride.   

Wifey and I are going to a friend who lives on the harbor to watch the fireworks.  She will drive there and I will bike.   I'm going to get a lot of the usual comments about how dangerous it is to ride a bike at night, without a helmet, with all the drunks on the road.  I have plenty of lights like Down Low Glow which casts a neon glow on the ground under my bike.   Also monkeylectric on my front wheel a mini monkey light.  Besides making me visible it also draws lots of comments form strangers.   One said it looks like a space ship.   Whatever.  The lights are so bright and unusual that they grab your attention and that's the point of bike lights.  Be noticed.  I will be on a road for all of thee blocks.  The rest of the ride is on the local MUP. 

Wide berth

Crossing the Berkley Bridge.  Only one way traffic for motor vehicles at a time.  A few cross the bridge, the light changes to allow traffic from the other side to cross.  Bikes and pedestrians have our own crossing.

Cold drink stop at Dighton Rock in Berkley MA. 

Crossing the new bridge from Fall River MA to Somerset. 

Braga Bridge in Fall River Ma under repair. 

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  1. I might be doing the club ride this Saturday in Wareham. Not 100% sure yet though.