Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lakeville Ma.

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Distance 44 Miles
Max speed 24 MPH
Ave speed  12.7 MPH
Pedal time 3:27

Deke suggested we do something different and ride out to Lakeville and the reservoir area.  The humidity had dropped substantially from the high of 85% during most of the week to a comparatively comfortable 78%.

We made our traditional stop at a Dunkin Donuts for lunch.  Most of the ride was on deserted country roads  but we did hit some fast traffic on a couple of short stretches of rt 18 and rt 105 in Rochester.

Thing get hectic beginning tomorrow.  Our annual week long high school soccer camp runs Monday through Friday evenings. The following week double sessions,  an invitational tournament and a couple of scrimmages then it's full tilt till the middle of November.  It gets crazy and that makes the next three months little more than a blur.  If your a coach or player you know what I mean when I say,  "we love it". 

Lunch at Double D

We were the only traffic for most of the ride. 

Did you hear the one about the llama and the sheep on the farm? 

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  1. Always a great area to ride. Good luck with the soccer team this year.