Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Rochester Golf Club

Distance 20.6 Miles
max speed 24MPH
ave speed 13.9
climb  400ft.

The humidity broke after a very difficult two weeks which made a very nice Tuesday afternoon ride.  Mid afternoon also saw very few vehicles on the back roads of the South Coast towns of Massachusetts.   I stopped at the golf course where I learned the game so many years ago.  It's also a game I gave up 6 years ago.   The amount of time I spent on the golf course is still one of my life's regrets.  Not the biggest regret though, not by a long shot.

The old state highway rt 105.  All the bike tours and events use this road to Cape Cod.  It's around 15 miles to the Cape Cod Canal from this spot. 

Corn season is winding down. 

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