Sunday, August 26, 2012

The New Guy

Distance 48.8 Miles
Ave Speed 15.5 MPH
Pedal Time  3:09
Max speed 28 MPH

I was about to leave for the Le Tour de New Beige when John called and wanted to join us if we were doing  our usual Sunday ride.   That gave me an out for the tour which was all 20 something year old riders on fixies and single speeds.  I was not an age appropriate rider.    Brandon did place third in the race and won himself a koozie and a bike lock.  Now we need to put some beer in the fridge so he (we) can get good use out of the koozie. 

We chose to ride to the Cape Cod Canal again.  This is one of our preferred rides because of mix of the quiet country roads, coastal streets and there is a bit of commando riding through traffic.  Not much, just enough to get the heart rate up a bit.  

Every now and then someone driving a car refuses to give us the room we need to keep things safe.  The car that will not cross the yellow center line but tried to tap the funny bone of the riders left elbow with their side mirror.  By the way, the reason they call it the funny bone is because when you whack it, all your friends get a real laugh out of it.   Or could it be because it's Latin name is the humorous?    What evahhhh.  Today it was a guy on a motorcycle that tried to force John over.  John held his ground not out of spite but because he didn't see him.  I have to wonder what the biker would have done if someone in a car did it to him. 

Deke was sluggish from not riding much.  I was a little less sluggish from a virus I'm recovering from, and John was feeling good.   Many times John cut loose and pulled away from me, while I  pulled away from Deke.  If John rides with us more and Brandon is along there will be a change in the leader board.  Brandon will still be in front, being a CAT II rider and 25 years younger than John but John will probably ride the #2 slot moving me and Deke to fight for the #3 slot.   I usually have it on road rides, but on tour Deke is #2 by a long shot. I carry five water bottles on tour which slows me down considerably and that's the only reason I'm in last place.  The only reason.    

Deke and John at our lunch stop in Buzzards Bay, MA.

Buttermilk Bay,  Onset MA. 

Deke riding Main St. Onset, MA

Onset, MA. Bay

Sweet Caroline's Pastry Shop in Buzzards Bay, MA. 

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