Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Afternoon Ride in the State of Maine

We arrived at the hotel in Freeport Maine and were told our room would not be ready for another three hours.  Wifey and I were fine with that and took the short walk to LL Bean's Outlet store. It took me all of three minutes to realize I wanted no part of that.  I walked back to the hotel, unpacked my bike, got dressed in lobby men's room and was ready to go.  The desk clerk was a bike rider and gave me a printout of the route to Brunswick that took me through the campus of Bowdoin (bow din) College.

The hills caught me off guard and it took a few good ones before I settled down and accepted this is the way it's going to be.  Naturally I got off track in Brunswick.  I did not get to loop around back to Freeport but instead was forced to back track using the rolling hills.

When I tired a couple of times I began to mash up the hills and that killed my legs forcing me to stop.  After a brief rest and a drink I was able to continue up the hills without a problem.

Tomorrow, Saturday, will offer another opportunity to get some more miles in the state of Maine.

Downtown Brunswick, ME.

Bowdoin College

The smooth ride back to the hotel. 

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