Sunday, November 4, 2012

Newport R.I.

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 None of my riding friends want to leave the comfort zone of being close to home.  It's the same route over and over and over and over again.  I was beginning to feel like the world had me locked in and was trying my best to be set free.

Today two of us took the plunge and  packed up the bikes for the short drive to  Newport R.I. Midway through this ride we both agreed that this was the most spectacular ride of the year.   We didn't go fast and we stopped a lot.  We talked to people, made killer sandwiches at the local market with fresh ingredients and two of us ate for under $10.   We rode Thames street and visited The Black Pearl, winner of the Newport Chowder Festival.  We saw Newport Yacht Club, home to The America's Cup for many years.   We stopped at the sight of the Newport Jazz festival at Fort Adams.

Leaving Fort Adams took us back to the main road leading to the famous 10 mile drive.  On this road is Hammersmith Farm (Jackie Kennedy's summer home).  We stopped and visited with some very friendly Animals.  Llamas, cows, donkey's, rams, and more.  When we did hit the ten mile Ocean Drive the views were spectacular. There were more photo ops on this short stretch than one could shake a finger at. (did I ever tell everyone that I hate analogies and avoid them like the plague).

At the end of Ocean drive is Bellview Avenue.  That's were the mansions of Newport are located.  Behind the mansions there is Cliff Walk which is another spectacular sight.  We ended the day by building a lunch at the local Stop and Shop.  I had a killer seafood salad on a Kaiser Roll and Brandon had his favorite, ham salad on the same bread.  We split an order of just fried chicken wings and washed everything down with a cold chocolate milk.  We ate our food along side the main court of the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

All in all if you want to be oohed and ahhhed for a few hours, ride your bike (slowly) around Newport, Rhode Island.

The Black Pearl Chowder House.

Everyone loves llamas

One of our new animal friends


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  1. John, I bet the other riders wished they went with you.

  2. Probably not. It's the hamster on the wheel syndrome.