Thursday, December 6, 2012

Leaving For Work A Bit Early Tomorrow Dec. 7.

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The new ramp from the reconstructed highway that once cut off the city from the waterfront will open to traffic in the morning.  I want to be one of the first, if not the first bike to use this newly designed roadway.  It's no longer a highway but now a traffic calming boulevard.  In the past, some cars would hit speeds in excess of 70 MPH on the two mile drive from downtown to the south end of the city.  Now there is single lane traffic with eight signal lights to keep things running smooth and slow. 

The entrance to the bridge crossing the harbor now has a bike/walkway. In the past we had to portage a stairway to gain access to the bridge.  Carrying the bike is not bad especially the new single speed.  Speaking of which, the high school soccer team gave me a gift certificate to a local bike shop. I used that to get two new tires for the bike.  The reviews from the local riders is positive so far. 

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