Friday, December 14, 2012

The Meeting Went Well. The Ride Home, Not So Much.

It was a beautiful evening for a night ride into the city to meet up with the New Bedford Bike committee.  I was pleasantly surprised that the whole group was well under the age of 60 and none had the white beard and body of the typical "bent" rider. 

My original intentions was simply to meet this group, take a couple of photos for this blog and ride home to watch the meteor shower.   They were a friendly bunch and when I glanced over to my right I saw a martini glass.   Like the ringing of a bell, I began to salivate and next thing I knew a Beefeater Martini with olives, straight up was sitting in front of me.  I don't even remembering ordering it.  Nor do I remember ordering those glasses of Peroni.

The ride home got really neat when I hit the dark sections of the Phoenix Bike Path.  The moonless sky put on a show of meteors that had me ooohing and ahhhing.  I saw a couple of dozen of them in the short ride home.  I did have trouble holding a line because of the constant star gazing and the earlier refreshments.

I also got a kick out of being told that I could be charged with biking under the influence in Massachusetts.  This information was given while I was half way through my third drink.  Things worked out pretty well in the end because I awoke this morning at home, and as far as I know I got here on my own.


The temperature was 27F when I left the house for the daily commute.  The salt marshes were at  no moon high tide which if you don't already know is higher than the full moon.   Actually no moon is a full moon also, just fully dark, as opposed to fully visible.

The frost was till clinging to the bare branches as I coasted along the MUP and the daily walkers were scarce this morning.  Surely they simply delayed their start waiting for the warmth to take hold.


  1. I have come home pretty well lit late at night from a couple of FBC rides. Had I been pulled over, the law here in Washington is more forgiving.

    Yet I fear the competent person would be my wife, which would be worse. :-)

  2. Sounds like you had a great time, John. No worries.

  3. I commented on here a while back but I guess something went wrong? Just glad you made it home ok...Nice to meet you to! Hope you make it to future meetings! Maybe we'll ride in to NB together!