Sunday, December 9, 2012

Properly Christened.

Dave giving the surface a thorough inspection.
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Dave wanted to take a ride and check out the new ramp and the progress of the redesign of the downtown roadway.   He suggested that the walk/bike way was not brick but actually pressed concrete.  A close look confirmed his observation. 

The new single speed

Scofflaw riding on the closed ramp.  

We took a ride around downtown New Bedford before returning to the on ramp and the bridge crossing. I suggested that we ride up not on the bike section but the road.  Since it was not yet open to traffic that would not be a problem.   At the top I also suggested that the new ramp needed to be  christened.   Dave said "we don't have champagne to do that".     I mentioned I drank a couple of gin martinis last night and that would suffice.

The ramp has been properly christened and is now ready for the public.

Meanwhile back at the house Brandon was being the good son helping Ma.   Putting up fish and washing her car.

What a good son helping ma with the fish and all. 

Then he washed her car saying "really, you two are going riding without me?"
Oh how the roles have reversed. 

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