Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hiking The Blue Hills of Boston To Bring In The New Year

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There are many ways to actively celebrate the new year. One choice is to drive to the Blue Hills just outside of Boston.  The trails can be challenging and adding ice to the mix makes them even more so at times because the hike was up and down five pretty steep hills. Brandon and I each took a couple of diggahs while Deke managed to stay on his feet for the whole of the four hour trek.

A lunch of Syrian pockets with turkey and cheese kept us fueled and the weather cooperated to keep this hike as comfortable as possible considering the 34 degree temperatures.

Occasionally we crossed paths with small groups of two or three people.  We did run into the main New Year hiking group at the summit of Chickatawbut Hill.  They reminded me of a group from a cruise ship you might see in some foreign port, all in line following the directions of the leader.

Boston skyline in the background

Because of her bad ankle wifey could not hike with us this time so she spent the day shopping.  She surprised us with a box of Jordan Marsh Blueberry muffins when she returned to pick us up.  They have been around for years and are the most popular muffins around.  They are so good and moist.


  1. John, I grew up in Hyde Park. We would ride our bikes up to the Trailside museum, then hike up to the top. Is the old fort still up there?

  2. I'm a strong supporter of an activity that involves blueberry muffins. Huzzah!