Monday, January 28, 2013

Biking To The Market In The Snow.

I needed to get some stuff from the super market.  I hadn't been able to use the bike for a couple of weeks because the MUP never gets plowed.   Today it was rideable and I had plenty of time, planning to leave right after watching the new episode of Anthony Bourdain's new show, "The Layover".    That's when I heard the shout from the back of the house,  "it's snowing".    That was my cue to get going.

As almost always, riding in the snow is pretty neat.  After loading the bike with groceries,  I really didn't feel like going home just yet.  I rode the short jaunt over to the local McDonald's for a coffee with a couple of the afternoon regulars who hang out there.   The snow started to accumulated and I decided to head for home.   I came upon a spot where I had taken a certain photo in the past.   I posted one version of it last February, and compared to to the same shot I took in Feb of 2007.  I have now added 2013 to the library.

As always, click any photo for big, click again for bigger. 

February 13,  2008

February 11, 2012

January 28, 2013


  1. Good for you to get out and about. I've balked the last couple days out of sheer laziness.

    And how about that result today, 1-2 in Honduras? Bleh!

  2. Nice! I got out the other day on the trail to hit up Stop & Shop for some things...I hate that there's a section of the trail now that someone decided to lay rocks on the transition point and now that part of the section is ruined...They will have to fix it soon as it's easily to get a flat now on that part!

    I find my panniers are pretty useful for groceries as well! Can't wait for the Farmer's Market though...