Sunday, January 13, 2013

MIddle Of January And It's 50 Degrees.

That screams bike ride.   Sunday morning is football time in my house. Today was Man U v Liverpool followed by City v Arsenal.  I like both City and Arsenal and their managers.  When they play each other I am what is know in the football world as a neutral.  I do however root for the team that is behind when City and Arsenal play each other.

On Thursday I will travel to Indianapolis to be with a few thousand like minded people at the National Soccer Coaches Convention.  There I plan to learn some things, network a bit, and party a little too much.  Oh the trial and tribulations of a high school soccer coach. 

It was 3PM by the time I got on the road without a plan.   There are places around town that just seem to draw anyone with no set destination.  The docks and the beach.  On this Sunday afternoon ride I did both and naturally took my camera along.

Fort St in Fairhaven, MA. ends at this house.

Cape and Island Steamship Authority maintenance facility in Fairhaven

Building a shelter around an ocean barge before working on it. 

Old rail style dry docking facility

The scallop fleet is in port.

Looking south toward the Atlantic

After getting my fill of the docks I rode to the Fort Phoenix state beach where the Fairhaven Dog Walkers Association have their daily meeting.  It's the unofficial dog park where the dogs can run when the area is closed to vehicles.

What is left of the Atlas Tack Nail factory.


  1. My Sunday morning ride meets where all the footballers meet to watch the games - at the pub, of course. They're definitely into the game. It's always tempting to forego the ride and join them for a Guinness. Enjoy the camaraderie at the convention.

  2. I have been wondering what this building was! So much potential being right there right on the bike path! I envision a cool lunch/coffee/bike lounge there!