Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It's Riding Time Again.

Today will be marked at the first day of the 2013 biking season.   After spending an hour at the fitness center doing weight work, I decided instead of doing cardio on a stationary machine, it would be a better workout to go on a long bike ride.  

The single speed was a good option to ride into the city, (New Bedford, MA) and head down to the peninsula and the Center Cafe.  It's a quiet little place where the locals hang out.  Spring was definitely in the air with the mild weather and to top things off during the ride,  I ate my first bug of the season.  mmmmmm.

On the ride into the city just missed getting over the bridge before it opened to boat traffic. People on bicycles or walking lose about 5-6 minutes.  Those in motor vehicles can lose up to 12-15 minutes because of the traffic backups.

As always, click any photo for big. Click again for bigger. 

Heading out to sea
Returning to port
Freedom, Discover and Justice.  Scallop boats.
Taking on ice
I don't usually say this publicly, but I know both of these guys.  
Big Al, everybody's pal, protector of women and Dave.

I spent so much time riding the bike and chewing the fat at the cafe that it was time for lunch.  Hungry Heroes used to be a chain sub shop til the owner got fed up with all the rules of running a franchise.  He oped out and opened his own place and offers a much better product.

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