Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The weather is not great but it's good enough to substitute biking for cardio at the gym.  After a decent workout with the weights and a nice hot shower, it's time to hop on the beater bike for a 15 mile round trip jaunt to the south end of the city.   

After a lengthy stop at the coffee shop I decided to continue south along the beaches of the peninsula.  I spotted the lone quahauger digging off East Beach.  It seems the standard time photographer had the same idea but he decided to put the lighthouse in the photo.  I went for a different look and purposely left out any landmarks.  (or river marks).  

On the return ride home while passing through the Staples Lot in Fairhaven, I noticed this "Lark" at the drive in window of McDonald's.  I had to double back for this shot. 

The Orpheum  theater in New Bedford's south end was quite the cat's meow in it's heyday. 
See the documentary HERE


  1. I wonder if the bicycle club would let me use one of those Larks on our hilly rides?

  2. Nice! glad to see you're getting out there! don't you love the ability to now go on the ramp right to DT NB right off the bridge? makes a world of a difference for me!