Sunday, March 17, 2013

Yeowza. It's cold

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I wanted to hang around downtown New Bedford for the half marathon, take some photos and meet up with friends at the finish line.  I took the bike to the south end of the city for coffee at the Center Cafe where I always run into someone I grew up with and only see there.  Not this time though.

 Gifts to Give in New Bedford

 I began the return trip to the city and when I got into the open section along the beach the wind hit.  Yeowza was the first thing that came into my mine.  It was windy and cold.  The race hadn't started yet but this section is notorious for being the worst part of the run because of the wind.  Add the 34F temperature to a 20 MPH wind and you can imagine being out in that in a t-shirt and iddy bitty shorts.  After running into a cold headwind the participants have a 1/2 mile of flat protected turf before the long 2 mile climb to the finish line.   They piss and moan here along the water,  but at the end, they are so proud they finished.

Only 3.5 miles to go.  The worst part is over. 

I was happy to get back into Fairhaven and happier when I got home.  I felt like a Popsicle by the time I pulled into the garage.
 The old jail house in Fairhaven, MA.

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  1. yeah has been pretty cold compared to last year! This time around last year we had mid 70 degree sunny weather!