Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fairhaven to Wareham MA.

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It was close to 1:30 PM before setting out for the 17 mile trip to Wareham.  It's one of the regular training routes and can also be considered an "old standby" route.  When we can't decide where we want to go, someone inevitably says, "lets just ride to Wareham".

Early in the ride, I noticed a car stopped in the middle of the street making sure a turtle crossed the road safely.  Once across the woman in the car moved on with a satisfied smile.  I had the same feeling knowing the turtle was safely on her way to the pond that was around 50 yards away. 

Today was one of those days where I got into the zone riding wise.  My thoughts were all over the place but really about nothing.  Before I knew it I was on Main St. heading to the turn around spot at the boatyard.   There is where I ran into Mr. Swan.  He was sitting in his lark just kind of staring off into nowhere.  As I approached I said "good afternoon".  He responded in kind.
"Are you Irish"  I asked, because he had that Irish look about him.
"Scott and English" he replied.
That was enough to get us going.  We talked about bikes, motorcycles, the Navy and the boatyard we were standing near.   The conversation went on for around 15 minutes and for me, it was a great 15 minutes.  Mr. Swan had just turned 75 and had lots of stories in him.  I gladly listened to a few before moving on to get some photos of the old Nantucket Lightship.  She was once a very impressive floating lighthouse that in her later years was an elegant yacht available for charters, events and vacation rentals.  Check her out HERE, She is majestic.  Mr Swan told me that the ship was recently sold to an individual who was going to convert it into a floating home.   I'm sure it will be on HGTV or the Discovery Channel, soon after it's completed.  

I sneaked this shot of Mr. Swan while were were talking of motorcycles.  It seems we both owned a Honda 305 Super Hawk back in the day.

Nantucket Lightship, which has been sold to an individual who will convert it into a floating home.
 She was once a majestic vessel as seen HERE

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  1. John, ever been to No Problemo in New Bedford? Hearing a lot of good things about their food.