Monday, April 1, 2013

First Road Ride of the Season

 Cranberry Bog in Mattapoisett, MA.
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 Distance 22 Miles
Ave Speed 13 MPH
Max speed  25 MPH

 I'm committed to the annual 30 days of biking this year beginning today.

Sixty degrees got the fire burning to get the road bike ready and take the first "roadie" ride of the season.  It was a 22 mile spin just to see how the legs would hold up after a long winter of utility riding.  No problem.  Even the strong wind was nothing more than ho hum.  Some days the wind gets to us, some days it doesn't.

Now that the weather has broken out of the winter doldrums, the towns are beginning to clean off the roads of the salt and sand making things much more conducive to biking.

I left the camera in the bag for most of the ride and just kind of got into the zone.  I broke out when a woman was walking a dog of the same breed as one of mine, a Welch Terrier.  They are pretty rare around here and when two owners meet up, it's instant conversation.

Welsh Terrier.

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  1. Those are some cute dogs...Reminds us of our Terrier mix we picked up in Puerto Rico...

    Helping Hand Society huh...Wonder what that's about...