Friday, December 26, 2008

32 Degrees Would Have Been Welcome.

Last night produced a beautiful sky and unseasonably warm weather. That made the decision to bike commute to work today. As I approached the park and ride I glances at the car thermometer which read 23F. Sitting all warm and toasty in the car, I was a little apprehensive about getting out, unpacking the bike and riding off.

When I exited the car,I was greeted by a dead still morning. Not even the slightest wisp of a breeze. The 23 degress had dropped to 19F as day broke. My New Orleans friend Joey does a wonderful job making videos of his rides. I had tossed around the idea of doing the same but I doubt there would be much interest in baron roads and the occasional patch of black ice. Even with the temperatures well below freezing, riding wasn't bad at all. A felling of being chilled, but not cold.

The winter bike rarely exceets 12 MPH during the commute which make my rides more of a zen thing than any resemblance to a fitness activity. It seems more natural after all these years than driving though.

Got some free time. Check out Joey's Videos. They are a hoot.
Happy Boxing Day
Happy Kwanzaa


  1. I'm still struggling to get out and ride much, since I no longer have a commute. Argh.

  2. riding in the winter is pretty hardcore. ill stick to our indoor ramp. take care. Steven

  3. Brrr! Hopefully the roads will stay clear for awhile...5 days off was rough!

  4. Happy New Year. Hope the riding is great in 2009.