Friday, December 12, 2008


What the hell is going on with the Southern Republicans? Are they on the take from the foreign auto manufacturers who have plants in thier states? We know conservatives do not have any respect for the working people of America and really hate organized workers, but come on now. This is our economy at stake. Did GM not contribute enough? Are these Senators trying to eliminate the competition for the auto plants in thier states?

The fact they are putting the blame on the union for the decisions of management and want the workers to take deep cuts in benefits and wages to match the "right to work" states of the south, tells me that the Senators of the South are still in the pockets of business. Don't they realize that the reason America rejects conservatism is actions like those of the Southern Republicans?

Plants in the south get tax breaks. They had land donated, cleared and utilities installed at no charg. Toyota, Hundai, Mercedes and Honda all received millions from the states where they are doing business, and most of that cash was subsidised by the federal government. Now that American manufacturers need help, the Southern republicans say, "no way"? Why? Is it because they are American companies?

It is all to obvious that the Repulicans are still playing politics with a complete disregard for the United States and the well being of our economy and citizens. The conservatives are more focused on punishing unions for supporting the Democratic party and have no problem bankrupting the country to satisfy thier revenge.

America has had enough of the conservative antics. Most of the country sent them packing, and it's too bad the South continues to be hoodwinked by these monsters. God willing, we'll get the rest of them out next round of elections.

Locally. Heavy rains have eliminated the commute for most of the week. Monday? We'll see.


  1. I already made my decision not to buy a big three vehicle once, as they have not offered anything other than crap for 30 years. They did not listen, kept producing crap, and then when they fall on hard times(Duh!)(Shocked!), they would like me to, in essence give money to them anyways thru a government bailout. No thx!. I aint' buying their crap, I thought I already told them that once, by buying something else. Thank god for republicans who can think.

  2. Woah, that was some rant! I agree with Anonymous, though: these companies dug their own graves. Why should MY money go to bail them out?

    And even if we are going to bail them out, the operating costs for the Big Three companies are much higher per employee than those other companies (even when they make comparable wages). If they are going to receive taxpayer money (which they shouldn't in the first place), they need to run their companies more efficiently. It would be madness to use taxpayer money to continue paying workers above the market rate -- a rate that clearly is not sustainable and is a major factor in their financial woes in the first place.

    I normally don't get involved in political discussions online, but I couldn't help myself, this time.

  3. This loan will insure the auto companies begin to transform thier plants and make fuel efficient vehicles. President Obama and the new liberal government will work hard to restore America. I have no doubts or misconceptions about that.

    I also have confidence that enough central progressive thinking repulicans will cross party lines to do the right thing and give the Senate filibuster proof votes, and stop these crazy Southern conservatives.

    My only concern is that it's not already too late come Jan.