Saturday, December 13, 2008

Quahog Republic

The local radio station has been advertising a joint that has a side merchandising business. Quahog Republic offers some unique stuff that make great gifts for those Cape natives who have moved away. A means to show your where your heart lies.

An easy thirty minute drive to the Cape would be my first time on the "cape" side of the canal's entrance. I have dozens of visits to walk or bike the mainland side, but only on the cape side can you get to the absolute mouth of the canal. Mass Maritime is on the mainland side.

Interstate exit to "da cape".

Causway to Mashnee Island

Looking at the canal from Mashnee Island. RR lift bridge in the distance.

Standing on the cape side of the RR bridge.

Buchard Tugs pushing oil laden barge through the canal. Passing under the RR Bridge

The Mashnee Grill was closed for the season. I need to call ahead to meet with the people to pick up the merchandise. Another trip to the canal on Thursday. I'll have my camera and very likely my bike.


  1. Sorry we missed you,
    check out the web site
    join our bus trip to Boston

    The quahog Republic Boys

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