Saturday, December 20, 2008

We got a bit of snow last night. Because it occured in the evening, it was not a problem and actually lots of fun. I took the dogs for a walk during the hight of the storm and took along my camera. As you can see above, it was coming down pretty hard.

They look sad because they had to sit for a photo.

I was out moving snow and having a pretty good time. Here is the process. Shovel the driveway, step back while the town snowplow puts it all back. Shovel the driveway, step back. I was determined to outlast the plow drivers but gave in when my neighbor Randy came over with his machine.

The two of us finished off my place, his place and three neighbors. Randy plowed while I did the walkways.

Jen drank wine and smiled a lot.

I came in after an hour of shoveling soaked with sweat. A quick shower, change into my PJs, put some ice in a glass and topped it off with burbon. Twice.


  1. Hey...I recognize the house with the day-glow yellow front!! Have relatives that live on Summit street.

  2. The yellow house is in Fairhaven. Some big shot at Titleist.

  3. Likewise on meeting a local on blogspot! I'm more "local" than you think...grew up in New Bedford...spend lots of time during summer in Fairhaven.

  4. Ex north ender in NB.

    BTW, think I got the wrong house in my comment above.

  5. I've lurked for awhile, 'bout time I leave a comment! Hopefully the snow will melt enough for us to get out on the bikes a bit. Maybe I'll see you on an NBW ride sometime!

  6. Freaky mask! You make shoveling sound fun. I've never found it to be fun, but I do like snow.