Saturday, January 31, 2009

Animal Tracking

We saw and ad in the paper for a group that would be identifying animal tracks. It sounded like something we would like to try. We did and it was ok. But we did get a good hike and were also able to test our arctic wear. (It was really cold).

Follow the person in front of you.

We crossed a few of these small brooks.

Coyote and deer tracks. Probably a major crossing for most of the animals.

The roads are still a mess in some places and another blizzard could hit on Tuesday.

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  1. With the exception that the snowbanks are smaller, those pictures look like what is outsdie in my dooryard also.Animal tracks are cool. I like finding ones in the spring in the mud though. They are more defined usually, but harder to spot. Do you have Fishers down there? Their tracks are really interesting.